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Content Marketing for B2B Technology Companies

Whether you’re a startup or a publicly traded company, our B2B tech content marketing packages can help you drive awareness, build trust, and attract more qualified leads.

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Some of our B2B tech content marketing clients

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What is B2B tech content marketing?

Whether you’re an established global enterprise or you’re gearing up to bring your first offerings to market, content marketing tells your story, communicates your value, and establishes your expertise. We’ll help you fill your pipeline using informative, meticulously researched content that drives organic traffic, attracts the right audiences, and leads to higher close rates.

Content-driven SEO

Reaching the top of the search results takes more than just keywords; you’ll need content that demonstrates experience, trustworthiness, and authority. Our link-magnet topic clusters have proven successful with search engines and industry leaders alike.

Lead generation content

By publishing long-form gated content, you’ll bring in more leads that match your ideal customer profile. We’ll handle the entire process, from research and interviews to press outreach, all while producing expertly written guides, ebooks, surveys, and reports.

Brand journalism

Turn your website into an industry media destination with compelling editorial content. Community spotlights, industry interviews, and comprehensive explainers are just a few ways we use brand journalism to attract your target audience.

Thought leadership

Don’t just observe industry discourse — create it. We’ll help your business leaders share their unique points of view on corporate blogs and industry publications, establishing them as thought leaders and decision-makers.

How B2B tech content marketing works

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Keyword research

It all starts with the right search terms. We’ll analyze your website’s SEO potential and identify opportunities to stake your claim.

Competitive audit

We’ll research your competitors and the industry landscape in order to craft a content strategy that outperforms the competition.

Audience personas

We’ll get to know your ideal customer inside and out, including roles, responsibilities, and online behaviors.

Finding your voice

What’s your content style? We’ll work with your style guide (or create one!) to form consistent voice, tone, and content principles.

Editorial planning

Our strategists will help you build monthly and quarterly editorial calendars, establishing content plans and deadlines.


Let us handle the next step. We’ll publish your content while taking care of production aspects like image sourcing, meta descriptions, social media copy, and more.


Our job’s not done when the content is live. We’ll track performance indicators like visits, referrals, leads, and conversions while keeping you in the loop.


Finally, we’ll analyze the performance data from our reports, get a clear picture of the type of content that best resonates with your particular audience, and optimize accordingly.

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Measuring success

Keyword rankings & organic traffic

Most search traffic goes to the top links on the first page of results, and we can get you there. Once your content is prominently displayed, it continues to drive traffic over time, continuously proving the value of keyword-optimized content.

Content downloads

With a library of thoughtful gated content, including comprehensive reports full of data about the state of the industry, you’ll attract industry leaders who are happy to exchange contact information in exchange for downloading.

Qualified leads generated

It’s not enough to get clicks; you want engaged readers that follow through to the next step and reach out. We’ll help draw in those qualified leads and track performance.

Marketing-sourced revenue

Can you really put a price on great content? Actually, we can — and by calculating exactly how much revenue your B2B tech content marketing generates, we’ll help you demonstrate value to stakeholders and investors.

Elevate your B2B tech content marketing strategy with Candor

There’s a lot of noise in the ever-evolving B2B tech marketplace, but we can help you cut through it. We’re ready to get to work and help establish your brand as an industry leader with next-level solutions — just click the button below to get in touch.