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Thought Leadership Content for B2B Tech Companies

Establish your company as an industry authority with insightful, informative thought leadership content. Our content marketing experts can help raise your brand profile by creating thoroughly researched, expertly written, and meticulously edited content.

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“We love working with Candor. They’ve done a great job of deeply understanding our business, our product, our mission, and our space — they’ve basically become experts, which makes the work they produce SO powerful and impactful.”

- Carolina Leon Foti, Head of Marketing at Camera IQ

What is thought leadership?

Thought leadership is a critical part of building a strong identity via authentic content. These articles give industry leaders a chance to showcase their expertise and establish themselves as the leading voices in the field, all while highlighting their business’ unique value proposition.

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Let the C-suite shine by encouraging other executives in your industry to follow your lead.


By providing actionable insights, thought leadership content can have a noticeable effect on the industry at large.


After seeing informative, expertly researched content from your company’s leaders, readers walk away having learned something new.

Benefits of thought leadership

Brand positioning

Express your company’s unique perspectives, build credibility, and fuel discourse that keeps your brand top of mind.

Executive profile building

Thought leadership raises your C-suite’s profile, establishing individual executives as industry leaders with undeniable business acumen.

Sales enablement

Need a conversation starter for your sales reps? Thought leadership articles can easily convey your brand value to potential customers.

Metrics for measuring success

Byline placement

You won’t just see your thoughts on your own blog; we can help place bylines and guest articles on prestigious third-party publications, giving your brand a bigger reach.

Community engagement

Become a conversation starter with thought-provoking content that begs to be shared. Thought leadership articles foster engagement on Linkedin, social media, and throughout the industry.

Lead nurture conversion

Turn more leads into customers by placing thought leadership pieces in lead nurture email campaigns. Show off your brand’s unique perspective at exactly the right time in the customer journey.

Establish your authority with Candor

What makes you different from your competitors? Your point of view. Thought leadership content positions your executives as industry experts while putting your company’s unique value proposition on display. Our content marketing experts can help raise your brand profile by tackling every step of the process, from research to writing and editing to byline placement. We’ve helped clients become leading voices in their respective industries with bylines placed in esteemed publications like Forbes, Fast Company, Adweek, MarTech Series, and many more. Want to know more about how to establish your execs as thought leaders? Candor can help.