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Lead Generation Content for B2B Technology Businesses

Attract more qualified leads with data-driven, informative content that can’t be found anywhere else. Our outcome-focused lead generation content marketing packages establish your brand as a trusted industry source, attracting potential customers at the right stage of the marketing journey, helping you fill your sales pipeline and close more deals.

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“Candor is the most outcome-oriented content marketing agency I’ve ever worked with. They’ve helped me establish valuable inbound marketing systems and scale long-term demand generation at multiple B2B technology companies. They’re data-driven, quick to learn, and solutions-oriented. I highly recommend working with them.”

- Bryta Shulz, CMO at Symmetry Systems

What lead generation content looks like

Make the most of your traffic with value-rich content designed to fill your marketing funnel. Our team of writers, editors, and strategists will undertake research, conduct interviews, run surveys, and craft insightful long-form content that meets the needs of your audience while positioning your brand leaders as subject matter experts.

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From design to data analysis, surveys help our partners gain critical customer insights and generate headlines in the process.

Data reports

Communicate your value to potential customers – and earn media coverage – with meticulously researched data-driven reports.  


Our writers collaborate with experts in your field to create evergreen ebook content that delivers value to your customers long after its publishing date.

Benefits of lead generation content

Fuel your sales pipeline

By targeting your ideal customer and establishing expertise, you’ll attract qualified leads who are more likely to convert.

Attract attention

With earned media coverage from surveys and reports, you’ll generate more referral traffic & backlinks to your website, making it more prominent in search results.

Build brand equity

By publishing strategic lead generation content, you’ll build trust with your audience and cement your company as a trusted industry resource.

Lead generation content and the marketing funnel

From gated content...

After finding your website through referral, social or search, potential customers download gated content and keep your brand top of mind. Even if they’re not ready to commit, they’ll take an important step on the way to becoming a customer.

... to lead nurturing ...

After providing potential customers with value-rich content, continue to support the customer journey by gradually introducing your products or solutions. This moves them closer to the next step, whether that’s booking a demo or setting up a meeting.

... to closing the deal

Finally, there’s the handoff from marketing to sales, which comes with the benefit of actionable information from the customer journey. The sales team uses data from the prospect’s interests and onsite activity to turn a warm lead into a new customer.

Metrics for measuring success

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Session-to-contact rate

Having high-quality gated content that’s aligned with search intent helps increase the percentage of visitors to your website that become leads.

Qualification rate

Informative, top-tier lead generation content attracts the decision-makers working in your target industry, so your sales reps can accelerate deal closures.

New contacts per month

As organic traffic to lead generation content increases, you’ll see a steady stream of new contacts fill your sales pipeline.

Fill your sales funnel with Candor content

When it comes to lead generation, it all starts with the right content. Candor’s lead generation content has helped our partners generate hundreds of quality leads. Want to know more about how Candor’s expert lead generation content can help your business? Get in touch.