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Content Marketing For Green Technology 

Share your passion for sustainability with the world through content that demonstrates your authority. Our green technology content marketing packages establish your brand as a subject matter expert with search-optimized blogs, lead generation content, case studies, thought leadership and more. 

chargelab ceo zak lefevre

“Candor has been an incredible partner in our quest to make electric vehicle ownership more accessible to all. Between the brilliant strategists and talented editorial team, Candor helped us create content that consistently generates organic traffic well beyond our expectations. In fact, thanks to Candor, our search visibility grew more than 11x in the first quarter of 2023.”

- Zak Lefevre, CEO at Chargelab

How it works

Generate interest

Attract readers with a search-optimized content and earned media.


Deliver value

Generate contacts with high-value long form lead generation content.


Build confidence

Establish trust with case studies and thought leadership.


Close deals

Better leads mean more
Closed - Won deals. 


Rolling, green hills dotted with sleek windmills against a partly cloudy skyline.

We’re passionate about sustainable tech

As environmentalists ourselves, we’re genuinely passionate about the green tech revolution. Whether it's electric vehicles, sustainable manufacturing, or alternative energy sources. It's important to us, and we'd love to use that passion to share your message with the world.

Green technology:

A brand journalism approach

With a writing team of former journalists, we have decades of combined experience and knowledge to pull from. We use that unique perspective in our journalistic approach to content marketing, establishing subject matter expertise and ensuring the right people see and talk about your green tech content and solutions.

A row of solar panels absorbs sunlight during a clear sunny day.

Stand out from the crowd

Content-driven SEO

Reach the top of search results with search-optimized content pieces that drive an evergreen stream of organic traffic.


Data reports

Our data-driven reports help customers understand your unique value proposition while earning media coverage.



From creating thoughtful survey questions to analyzing the results, we’ll help you gain valuable, headline-generating insights.


Establish subject matter expertise

Marketing operations

Automate the customer’s journey with goal-oriented systems while helping teams track their progress.



Create actionable guides that inform customers and help them make better decisions.



Show customers that you’re the solution they’re looking for with highly detailed reports stacked with data.


Build trust

Case studies

We’ll help you tell the story of your success by detailing how you were able to rise to the challenge and deliver results.


SME interviews

Our team of experienced journalists draws on years of interview expertise to unearth compelling stories and share them with your audience.


Thought leadership

Share your vision and relay your expertise while creating informative content for those in your industry.


Ready to get started?

Looking for green tech marketing services? We're excited to go on the journey with you! Request a meeting to learn more.