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Brand Journalism That Builds Trust

Becoming an industry leader starts with establishing subject matter expertise. Our team of brand journalists uses data, context, and research to craft customer-centric stories that build trust with your audience through helpful, authoritative insight. 

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A professional profile picture of Bernice Brennan, Vice President of Marketing at Boulevard.

“Candor isn’t just another content marketing agency. They are an extension of our team. They are smart, humble, and fun to work with. Their work has made an impact in helping us build our brand awareness and reputation and generating qualified MPLs that contribute to our bottom line.”

- Bernice Brennan, Vice President of Marketing, Boulevard

Our brand journalism clients

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What is brand journalism?

“Brand journalism takes many of the same tools as traditional journalism — clarity, incisiveness, and analytical rigor, just to name a few — and applies them to branded content. It’s what happens when brands decide to use their owned media outlets to educate and inspire their readers, rather than just promoting their products and services. It’s a type of content marketing that prioritizes the reader by providing helpful, relevant content, whether they buy from your company or not.”

- Matt McAllister, Founder, Candor Content

What are the benefits of brand journalism?

Increased brand awareness

By creating valuable, engaging content, brand journalism increases your company’s visibility, helps you build a positive reputation, and allows you to reach a wider audience.

Competitive advantage

Providing informative, well-written content helps brands establish their unique voice and identity in the marketplace. This helps your brand stand out in a sea of competitors all making similar claims.

Earned media coverage

Smart content gets noticed. Improve your brand’s odds of gaining publicity by demonstrating your expertise while telling valuable stories, exposing your company to even more potential customers.

What does brand journalism look like?

Industry interviews

With decades of combined experience conducting professional interviews, our content team can turn Q&A sessions into an informative display of your leadership team’s expertise.

Guides & explainers

It’s not always easy to explain your unique value proposition. We’ll appeal to potential customers at all stages of the marketing funnel, breaking down complicated concepts and transforming them into easy-to-understand articles.

Reports & surveys

Appeal to readers who want to know they're in good company with reports and targeted surveys. We’ll gather data from selected demographics, analyze their responses, and construct a report that objectively proves the benefits of your solution.

Brand journalism in action

Our interview-driven eBook on location-based entertainment (LBE) attractions for HTC Vive features contributions from industry leaders and subject experts, presenting valuable insight and practical advice.

Download your free copy and see for yourself what brand journalism from Candor looks like.

Hands hold a mobile tablet with the screen displaying the cover page of HTC Vive's report, Building Reliable Location-Based VR Attractions.

How we measure success

Community engagement

We measure shares, comments, likes, and other indicators of engagement to ensure your articles are resonating with the intended audience and sparking interest.


Media coverage

Some brand journalism articles are ideal candidates for guest posts and bylines in third-party publications. We can help pitch your articles and find the right outlet to host them.

Lead nurture conversion

Brand journalism gives your marketing funnel momentum. We monitor and analyze traffic metrics in order to optimize and increase conversion, turning qualified prospects into handraisers.

Start building trust with Candor

It’s challenging to stand out in a crowded field, but with smart, strategic brand journalism content, you can rise above the competition. We’re ready to design an informed brand journalism strategy that speaks to customers at all stages of the marketing funnel and puts your expertise on display.