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Content Marketing for EdTech Companies

Build connections with teachers, instructors, and educational leaders using content that facilitates learning in remote and real-world environments. Candor’s content marketing programs for educational technology companies are expressly designed to engage educators across disciplines and convert them into valuable clients.

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The value of content marketing for EdTech companies

Content marketing is one of the best ways for organizations to learn about B2B products before making a purchase*:

An educated audience

71% of B2B clients read blog content before they buy a product.

Persuasion through proof

79% of businesses depend on case studies to inform their purchasing decisions.

Consistent quality

40% of clients will read through 3-5 pieces of content before contacting a sales rep.

Word of mouth

More than 61% of buyers show their colleagues whitepapers, case studies, and other branded content.

How it works

Earn attention

Attract decision-makers in education with search-optimized content.


Deliver value

Engage leads with value-rich surveys, ebooks, and reports.


Build trust

Forge connections with case studies and insightful thought leadership.


Close deals

Deliver warmer leads to your sales team that increase close-rate.


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We know remote education

In a digital world, educators can need help translating their skills into remote and virtual environments. We understand these challenges  — our fully-remote marketing team has used digital workplace & education tools since 2010 to streamline communication, improve accountability, and increase efficiency. As a result, we’ve become passionate about remote work and understand how to communicate these benefits to educators.

Did you know?

We helped Intelisys develop interactive quiz materials in support of its video training platform Cloud Services University. Read the press release here.

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EdTech content strategy: A brand journalism approach

For all the benefits of paid advertising, the best leads are those earned by proving your value. Our brand journalists can help by analyzing the issues that matter to educators and building value-rich content collections around each topic. With a regular output of engaging blog posts, data reports, surveys, and ebooks, you can build trust among educators, elevate your media presence, and — most importantly — attract valuable clients.

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Earn attention

Content-driven SEO

Publish blog posts and landing pages that leap to the top of search engines, driving evergreen web traffic and customer attention.


Data reports

Use your first-party data as a marketing tool by telling data stories that generate media coverage and resonate with leads.



Gather fresh insights from educators and share them with media outlets to start conversations and build trust.


Deliver value

Marketing operations

Design efficient systems that put your marketing goals first by automating the buyer’s journey and enabling accurate reporting.



Research and publish guides full of actionable industry advice to help educators and their students achieve the most desirable outcomes.



Present your brand vision in full detail so the most engaged leads can review your offering transparently.


Build trust

Case studies

Share your biggest success stories and highlight measurable results that convince educators your solution has value.

SME interviews

Work with our brand journalists to gather valuable perspectives from educators, industry leaders, and other crucial voices.


Thought leadership

Express your insights and opinions on the issues that educators care about most.


Ready to get started?

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