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Content-Driven SEO That Fuels Growth

Capture valuable time and attention with web content that appeals to search algorithms and industry leaders alike. Our content-driven SEO packages increase your visibility by answering real customer questions, earning their trust, and filling your sales funnel with qualified leads that lead to real deals. 

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Some of our content-driven SEO clients

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What is content-driven SEO?

Much more than checking boxes to please an algorithm, content-driven SEO attracts potential clients to your website by covering complex subjects in understandable ways. Unlike SEO created solely to please ever-changing search algorithms, our content-driven approach prioritizes the reader’s experience, answering pressing questions and delivering value in order to drive brand awareness and start prospects down the path to becoming customers.

What does content-driven SEO look like?

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Keyword research

It all starts with finding the right keywords. This requires market research and analysis to discover the most relevant terms and ranking opportunities for your business, learning what’s necessary to positioning your content to help your audience.

Topic cluster design

We design interlinked topic clusters that deliver the ideal content experience that readers (and search engines) are looking for. Pillar pages offer broad overviews of complex topics, while spoke posts take deep dives into more nuanced subject matter.

Backlink magnets

Our programs prioritize link building through content; targeting keywords that attract other content creators looking for a reliable source. We’ve helped clients generate 100+ backlinks from single articles — no outreach required.

Rank tracking & refreshing

When it comes to content-driven SEO, we don’t set it and forget it. We monitor your keyword rankings over time, optimize as needed, and take action when competition heats up.

Benefits of content-driven SEO

Generate evergreen traffic

Attract high-quality leads who are actively searching for the type of solution your company provides. Turn that traffic into valuable down-funnel activity.

Establish credibility

Position yourself as an industry expert by producing content that definitively answers the most commonly searched questions about your industry.

Build brand equity

Our search-optimized content creates thousands of dollars in organic web traffic, adding measurable value to your business.

Content-driven SEO and the marketing funnel

Feed your sales funnel

Turn organic traffic into valuable downstream actions. Conversion rate-optimized content encourages potential customers to take the next step, whether that’s downloading a report or requesting a demo.

Track your traffic

See which blog posts are bringing the most qualified leads to your business. Organic content is far easier to attribute than other channels, making it easier to double down on high-performing topics.

Boost brand awareness

You’re not just selling a product — you’re an industry leader with something to say. Value-rich search-optimized content ensures that your business stays top of mind within the community.

How we measure success

Search visibility

We’ll make sure you’re on Google’s radar by tracking the impressions and clicks that your content is generating using Google Search Console.

Keyword rankings

The vast majority of search traffic goes to the top links on the first page of results, so that’s where you want to be — and we can get you there.

Organic traffic

We’ll track how much web traffic our content-driven SEO blogs drive to your website (and where it comes from) so you can be sure your strategy is working.

Traffic value

By monitoring keyword bid prices and mapping that to organic traffic, we can attach a dollar figure to your content, demonstrating indisputable value to stakeholders and investors.

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Drive more organic traffic and fuel growth with Candor

Ever-changing algorithms and fierce competition make it hard to reach the top of the search rankings, but Candor can help. We’re ready to design a content-driven SEO strategy that puts you on the front page and establishes your business as an industry authority. Get in touch with our experts to learn more.