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Candor and Highwire
4 min read

Candor is joining Highwire! 

Five years ago, Candor set out to create a new kind of agency. The media landscape was evolving, and we saw an opportunity to tap into two important trends that seemed to be converging: the rise of inbound marketing and the growing importance of high-quality, journalistic-style branded content. 

The two trends fed off of each other, of course. Good quality content not only engages readers and helps gain their trust, but, if used properly, it also creates an inbound marketing funnel that grows the brand’s organic and owned media channels and generates demand for its products or services. We knew that if we published insightful and informative content on behalf of our clients, we could help them attract, engage, and retain high-value customers.

It worked, and today we are proud to announce that we’re joining Highwire in order to accomplish another goal of ours—to bring our unique method of brand journalism and content marketing to even more great companies and to amplify its impact across the internet. 

Highwire is an award-winning communications and marketing partner for global technology and healthcare companies. The agency offers fully integrated marketing programs that leverage digital and social media channels, media relations, and editorial and creative services to drive businesses forward. From the outset, both Highwire and Candor recognized the value that high-quality content could bring to this integrated, flywheel approach. 

But just as importantly, we recognized Highwire as a kindred spirit when it comes to our shared values and core beliefs. That starts with a fundamental obsession with storytelling and the power of language to change the world. But it extends into other areas as well, like our deep-rooted curiosity to understand why things are the way they are, our yearning to collaborate as a well-oiled team, and our passion for delivering high-quality work that we can be proud of. 

What does this mean for our clients? Only good things. Our entire team will be joining Highwire, and our clients will continue to get the same level of writing, strategy and support that they’re used to getting from us. The biggest difference is that they will now have access to a slew of other marketing and communications services, including PR, influencer marketing, social media, creative and more—so that they can now execute a more integrated marketing program through a single partner. 

We’d like to extend a special thanks to all of the clients, partners, employees, advisors and friends who have supported us over the years. While this is certainly not an end—just a new beginning—it is, however, a time to reflect on all the hard work put in, the lessons learned, and the challenges overcome in building a business from scratch into one of the premier content marketing agencies in the world, and we recognize that we could not have done any of it alone. 

We’re eager to continue building on that foundation, and excited for the next stage of our growth as part of the Highwire family!


Matt & Evan