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Matt McAllister 4 min read

8 Tips to Becoming a Better Writer

Good writing is an essential skill in this day and age. Here are our tips to help you ...
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Candor Team 4 min read

Top 5 Reasons Why Your Content Isn't Driving the Results You Want

Reasons why your content marketing program isn't driving the results you want, and what ...
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Matt McAllister 4 min read

How Candor Uses AI in Content Marketing

AI writing assistants like ChatGPT aren't ready to write quality brand journalism. But ...
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Candor Team 6 min read

We Tested AI Writing Assistants. Here’s Why We Won’t Be Using Them.

AI bots are helpful for outlining and idea generation, but there's something profound ...
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Candor Team 11 min read

How To Write Introductions That Capture Reader’s Interest

We offer 10 tips for writing introductions that will make your audience want to keep ...
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Matt McAllister 8 min read

6 Content Strategies That Drive Press Coverage

These types of content will catch the attention of the editors, journalists and media ...
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Candor Team 8 min read

Boulevard Deploys Brand Journalism to Connect with Salon & Spa Owners

How the SaaS platform's site went from practically 0 to over 20,000 visits/month.
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Matt McAllister 10 min read

Content Strategies for Each Stage of the Marketing Funnel

How to devise content that engages prospects from awareness and interest to evaluation ...
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Matt McAllister 9 min read

4 Ways to Get Started With Brand Journalism

Follow these 4 practices to get started with brand journalism and boost your content ...
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Matt McAllister 7 min read

Introducing Candor: Brand Journalism for the New Age of Marketing

We are a different company today than we were in 2010, and we felt a name change was ...
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